Irma Specht

Irma is an anthropologist with 24 years experience in the transition processes from conflict to peace. She has an international reputation in the field of socio-economic reintegration, youth employment, gender and conflict transformation. Seven years of field and headquarter experience in the ILO programme on Crisis Response and Reconstruction has provided her with expertise on employment issues and the inclusion of vulnerable or special groups in transition processes. She brings solid expertise in capacity building and training, conflict analyses, strategy and programme design, and applied research. Her record as a researcher and writer might is illustrated in her long publications list. Additionally, Irma has extensive experience in training, facilitation and design of tailor-made training courses and materials.

Fatuma Ibrahim

Fatuma Ibrahim is the former Chief of Child Protection for UNICEF South Sudan. She is a specialist in child protection in emergencies and has extensive experience in working with children in conflict and post conflict situations. Altogether Fatuma brings more than 20 years of experience in the field of child protection in emergencies mainly in Eastern and Western Africa and Iraq. She has led DDR programmes for children Liberia, South Sudan and Uganda while working for Save the Children Sweden and UNICEF. For several years Fatuma was responsible for training of peacekeepers on child rights and child protection in Eastern and Central Africa. Fatuma is also interested in Transitional Justice and has been involved in design and implementation of the children’s programme within the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Liberia.

Klaas Breetvelt

Klaas Breetvelt, holds an MA in social sciences. He brings fifteen years of experience in peacebuilding programming, specifically in conflict and post-conflict affected areas. During his career, he has worked on humanitarian assistance, post-conflict reconstruction, decentralization, local governance and public service delivery. In addition, he brings extensive experience in peacebuilding, capacity building, mediation, conflict transformation, conflict resolution and reconciliation processes from a community perspective, for example, in the DR Congo and South Sudan he worked with local communities and local authorities to collaborate on social reconstruction and reconciliation. Klaas has furthermore developed and facilitated training modules on conflict sensitive programming, decentralisation and good governance, sphere standards and contingency planning. Klaas has worked as a senior programme officer with international NGOs like ICCO, Oxfam Novib, and Cordaid, and this has provided him with solid skills in developing and implementing M&E systems as well as evaluations, both internal and external.

Habib El Mrabt

Habib El Mrabt has ten years of experience as Human and Civic Development expert and a proven track record as trainer in Human Resources Management and Communication. For example he conducted numerous trainings for the Libyan Programme for Reintegration and Development (LPRD); designed and implemented eight trainings on Advanced Dialogue & Leadership for former Thuwar, he provided Human Development and training to over 100 Senior Officers for the Libyan Army Joint Command and Staff; designed and implemented trainings on Communication for Libyan NGOs and Youth Organisations and served as Human Development Expert with the Libyan Centre for Strategic and Future Studies. In addition, he is extensively consulting for major private sector actors who implement public sector contracts in the MENA region. This provides him with unique insights in regional dynamics. Habib El Mrabt has a Master’s degree in International Relations and Public Law and a Ph.D. in Systems & Organisations Management. He is a native Arabic-speaker, Islamic scholar and is also fluent in English and French.

Pall A. Davidsson

Pall is an expert in peacebulding and conflict resolution through security and justice reform, with over a decade of international experience in the field. Recently he led the effort of eleven UN agencies, including the peacekeeping mission, in developing a Joint United Nations Programme to move Darfur from protracted crisis to development through a comprehensive support to the rule of law. Pall has also managed major capacity building programmes for justice and security institutions in Africa and Eastern Europe where he has lived and worked. Pall has provided consultancy services to UNDP, UN Global Focal Point for Police, Justice and Corrections and the World Bank. Pall is a seasoned communicator frequently called upon to manage workshops and deliver training in various fora on human rights, the rule of law and peacebuilding. He is a regular lecturer at the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre and Fordham School of Law in New York. Pall has a Masters Degree in Law from Columbia University in New York.

Aude Le Goff

Aude Le Goff is a legal expert and Transitional Justice expert. As a lawyer at the national and international levels, she focused throughout her career on the protection of victims of violence and armed conflicts including asylum seekers in Europe and internally displaced persons within conflict affected countries. For the past ten years, she worked as regional programme coordinator and chief of mission for the Trust Fund for Victims of the International Criminal Court in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic as well as in Ivory Coast. Her specific fields of expertise include: assessing the harms of victims, designing multidisciplinary reparation and rehabilitation programmes, ensuring the appropriation of international and national justice mechanisms by vulnerable and invisible citizens, working with affected communities in designing and implementing holistic reconciliation processes, linking justice efforts to development and peace strategies, building a solid network of local, national and international partners, and capacity-building in all of the above areas. She is a specialist in operationalising transitional justice concepts and knows how to design effective responses to victims and communities who are in need of justice. She is a passionate advocate for the necessity to address the harms/needs of victims, and of the inclusion of victims into transition processes.