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The ever-increasing number and scale of crises generated by man-made and natural disasters are forcing high numbers of people to flee their communities, seeking protection and safety within or across international borders. The complexity and unpredictability often create conditions for protracted situations of displacement. This implies large periods and major requirements of emergency and humanitarian assistance for the displaced populations and for the concerned communities, challenging dramatically the implementation of the traditional sustainable solutions: return and reintegration, integration and the resettlement. Transition International promotes more inclusive approaches, recognizing the needs and rights of all crisis affected men, women, boys and girls, including refugees, IDPs, other migrants and the communities that may also be affected by the migration crisis. In accordance with international law and standards the TI assists its clients to design and implement inclusive areas based and context driven methodologies, focusing on early recovery and resilience outcomes, community stabilisation and the integration of the humanitarian, development and security interventions. In this, TI promotes sustainability, complementarity and synergies of activities at the individual, household and community levels, with optimised partnerships among concerned actors. In summary, TI supports the design and implementation of durable solutions that are multisectoral, integrated, community based and owned, decentralised and flexible.

Transition International provides expertise on the above with the following services:


  • Design and delivery of training on human rights, international law, protection principles and international standards applicable to refugees, IDPs and migrants
  • Design and delivery of training on tracking and monitoring systems for displacement
  • Design and delivery of training on durable solutions to displacement including return and reintegration, integration and resettlement

Advisory Services

  • High level policy advice to national and international decision makers
  • Design of context driven migrations crisis managements policies, strategies and programmes
  • Technical assistance to displaced populations, host and crisis affected communities, focussed on the integration of the humanitarian, development and security interventions
  • Technical assistance to develop effective assistance for the implementation of durable solutions, return and reintegration
  • Monitoring support and evaluations of migration crisis programmes
  • Assessment and design of migration crisis management and coordination mechanisms
  • Support to donor relations and resource mobilization

Knowledge Development

  • Tracking and profiling of beneficiaries
  • Assessment of camps, host communities and communities of return in order to determine integration and reintegration needs and gaps
  • Profiling and socio-economic opportunity mapping for (re)integration programming
  • Mapping stakeholder of migration crisis programming
  • Establishment and management of database and information systems
  • Community perception surveys on perceived impacts of return and (re)integration of displaced populations and migrants

The Migration Desk coordinator position is vacant

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