• Transition International

  • Bringing together a network of senior consultants

  • We specialise in tackling the challenges of transitions through knowledge development, training and advisory services.

Transition International (TI) is a Netherlands-based, international consultancy firm with a network of senior consultants around the world. We specialise in tackling the challenges of transitions. We promote change through knowledge, training and advisory services. TI assists clients to manage transitions from:

  • War to peace
  • Relief to development
  • Insecurity to security
  • Crisis to positive change
  • Poverty to self-reliance
  • Exclusion to representation

TI, while operating on a commercial basis, is a value-driven consultancy firm. We are guided by the ambition to contribute to a peaceful and more secure world, in which human dignity and our environment, are both respected and protected. We demonstrate this commitment and promote these values in everything that we undertake. At TI, we understand that context is often at least as important as the substance of a programme or project. We therefore employ a context, conflict, gender and age-sensitive approach, and strive towards the broadest possible participation of stakeholders and affected communities.

Transitions are difficult and often painful, but they also provide a window of opportunity for change. We believe that the benefits of any transition must be highlighted when seeking a positive outcome. TI provides knowledge, training and advisory services to the key actors in transition processes in order to make the different stages of transition more transparent, inclusive and sustainable. We assist transition designers and implementers in improving the quality and impact of their efforts, providing governments, international agencies, NGOs, businesses and knowledge institutions with assistance and advice. The services are tailor-made and designed in close consultation with our clients, thus providing great flexibility while delivering timely, high-quality and cost-effective services, with a clear focus on the end results.
TI offers high quality applied research, contextual analyses, coherent policy and strategy development, programme design and evaluation. Additionally, training on specific transition issues and trouble-shooting in ongoing projects has become one of TI’s areas of expertise.

The company draws its expertise from its network of partners, associates and consultants. This platform of highly specialised professionals covers a wide scope of technical fields which are essential in transition processes. TI draws on this pool of knowledge and competencies to provide tailor-made and client-oriented assistance, often combining the expertise of several specialists in one assignment. This results in a truly multidisciplinary approach and is reflected in the holistic strategies we propose and the products we deliver.

Moreover, TI consists of a number of inter-dependent desks working on specialised sub-areas relevant to transition processes. Each desk provides up-to-date knowledge, designs and implements training programmes, and provides advisory services, all in a tailor-made and client-oriented manner. The desks are interdependent as we typically apply a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to consultancy work.

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