• TI Staff

Irma Specht

Managing Director

Irma is an anthropologist with 24 years of experience in the transition processes from conflict to peace. She has an international reputation in the field of socio-economic reintegration, youth employment, gender and conflict transformation. Seven years of field and headquarter experience in the ILO programme on Crisis Response and Reconstruction has provided her with expertise on employment issues and the inclusion of vulnerable or special groups in transition processes. She brings solid expertise in capacity building and training, conflict analyses, strategy and programme design, and applied research. Her record as a researcher and writer might is illustrated in her long publications list. Additionally, Irma has extensive experience in training, facilitation and design of tailor-made training courses and materials.

Ibrahim Sinan

Head of Research

Ibrahim Sinan works as the head of research at TI, holding a master’s degree in Development economics. He brings experience in evaluation and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data and statistical analysis, including quantifying qualitative data using methodologies like Grounded Theory. His interest for community-based programming and research led him to use his skills in programme impact evaluations, policy analysis and development project management during his experience with advocacy and international humanitarian NGOs in Morocco and France.

Rudolf Keijzer

Controller and Security Officer

Rudolf Keijzer, primarily a team player, is a consultant and financial controller. He has implementing experience with several (ERP) financial systems, like SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards and Exact. Before re-entering the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps in 2002, Rudolf had a 20 year civilian international career in several managing positions, after his education and serving as platoon commander in the early eighties. Since 2019 Rudolf works parttime as controller and safety officer for TI, and he is a conflict, stability and resilience adviser with over 20 years’ experience working on issues ranging from peace building, conflict resolution and Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC). He published several articles on CIMIC, and stability and resilience. His international background in both the military and civil world gives an advantage in understanding the dynamics between these two worlds. He holds three Master Degrees: MSc Business Economics, MA Marketing, and MSc Information Management.

Tara Hijnekamp

Assistant Programme Manager

Tara Hijnekamp works as the assistant programme manager at Transition International. She holds a master’s degree in Islamic studies from the University of Amsterdam. She has conducted different types of research on a range of topics, such as sexual diversity among Muslim youth and deradicalization processes in the Middle East. She has developed and facilitated training programmes on gender, sustainability, and inclusion, and supported the development and organization of a high-level P/CVE masterclass as an advisor with the Dutch Embassy in Sudan.

Maria Landa

Programme Assistant Intern

Maria Landa is the Programme Assistant Intern at Transition International, bringing her expertise in Global Studies with a Bachelor’s degree. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Development, she has specialized in the politics and governance of development. Her passion for social justice, community empowerment, and inclusive participation drives her master’s thesis research on urban commons. Specifically, she is exploring how community-led initiatives can pave alternative, sustainable, and equitable pathways to urban development through mutual aid networks and solidarity economies.

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