Conflict transformation aims both to end violence and change negative relationships between conflicting parties, and to change the political, social or economic structures that cause these relationships. Conflict management has conventionally tried to avoid conflict at all costs, yet conflict can be a trigger of social change. The risk is, though, that conflict escalates into violence and destruction, resulting in unacceptable amounts of human suffering.

TI advocates work to transform conflicts into effective change processes that result in more inclusive societies. Understanding and addressing the underlying causes and current drivers of conflict is essential in order to stimulate the required change processes.

Transition International provides expertise at all stages of conflict transformation, offering the following services:


  • Tailor-made training on dialogue and non-violent communication
  • Workshops on conflict transformation programming
  • Leadership courses in civilian leadership for former combatant commanders
  • Capacity development for the design and implementation of conflict transformation and peace-building interventions
  • Tailor-made training on monitoring and evaluation of change in conflict transformation programmes
  • Participatory workshops on joint conflict analyses


Advisory Services

  • Design of conflict transformation programmes
  • Midterm and end-of-programme evaluations
  • Assistance in negotiation and dialogue processes
  • Design and re-design of conflict transformation and peace building frameworks and policies
  • Institutional analyses and design of capacity development strategies for peace building organisations and institutions
  • Coaching of senior government staff working on peace building processes.


Knowledge Development

  • Conducting applied context and conflict analyses for specific programming
  • Anthropological research into conflict drivers, dividers and connectors
  • Multidisciplinary systemic research in underlying socio-economic and political causes of conflict and conflict dynamics
  • Mapping of lessons learnt and good practice in conflict transformation.


The Conflict Transformation and Dialogue Desk is coordinated by Irma Specht