TI participated in an international conference in Berlin organised by BICC, bringing together donors, organisations and experts to explore the future engagement of the international community in DDR and SSR. TI presented the Community Based Reintegration and Security (CBRS) framework and its potential for South Sudan, promoting locally led reintegration programming for ex-combatants, armed youth and returning IDPs in one integrated approach.

Participated in a course on “African Security”, and delivered the paper “DDR of youth in Africa – theory, standards and practice”; Nordic Africa Institute.

Participated in a panel discussion and delivered a paper on reasons for the recruitment of children into armed groups and reasons for children to join, at a conference on "Kids under Fire in Urban Ares: Intra-War Protection of Children"; International Conference on the Protection of Civilians hosted by the Hamburg Declaration Society in cooperation with the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg and the Institute for Theology and Peace, in Hamburg, Germany.

Participated in an international meeting on “Community Security and DDR” of the 'Peace, Security and Development Network' working group on 'Community security and community-based DDR'

Participated and wrote a report on the “Carlton Beach 11 Workshop titled: 'From Rebel to Taxpayer'”. Conducted Workshop on improving coordination between the 3-D actors (Defence, Development and Diplomacy) in the field of DDR organised by Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Participated in an “expert meeting on youth employment for the MRU and Ivory Coast”, organised by United Nations International Development Organisation (UNIDO) in Vienna. Prepared the framework of a multi-stakeholder programme and reported on the AU/UNIDO High Level Consultative meeting on productive and Decent Work for Youth in Accra.

Participated in a workshop on “Economic Growth Interventions for Rebuilding Countries” organized by USAID, Washington. Delivered a presentation on labour market analyses in immediate post-conflict situations.

Delivered a presentation on private sector development and DDR in conference: “Private Sector Development and Peacebuilding - Exploring Local and International Perspectives” during a conference organised by DFID, GTZ and International Alert. Berlin, Germany.

Seminar on the role of economic actors in conflict prevention and peace building and delivered: “The role of the private sector in the reintegration of ex-combatants”. Folke Bernadotte Academy, December 2005.

Participated in an inter-agency workshop “Meeting the challenges: Re-integration of Children Affected by Armed Conflict in West and Central Africa”, organised by Save the Children (UK& Sweden) in Dakar, Senegal. Within the theme: Reintegrating children in communities affected by or recovering from conflict: social and economic obstacles to reintegration, preparation TI delivered a paper entitled: “Reintegrating into what? Youth unemployment in West Africa and its linkages to conflict and DDR programmes.”

Participated in "Transformation of institutions and civil society in Serbia and Montenegro", Workshop of Academic Network South East Europe, Belgrade/ Novi Sad.

Participated in "Women in Conflict Situations and Peacekeeping", EU-Conference, Amsterdam.

Participated at the BICC international conference, “Promoting Security: But By Whom and For Whom?” Gave a presentation on ‘Developing human resources in the field of reintegration of former combatants’, Bonn.