Children and youth are particularly sensitive to transitions, in their direct environment due to their developmental stage. Their unique coping mechanisms, through their ability to adapt to stressful situations and their positive influence in provoking change, are usually underestimated. Older children and youth are often at the forefront of social movements, demonstrating against injustice and calling for a more equitable society. At the same time, if left unattended, they can also become more radical and disruptive. These dynamics make it crucial to understand and to promote the perspectives and aspirations of children and youth in transition processes.

Inter-generational conflicts have always been part of life, in all countries and cultures around the world. However, the gaps between the youth and older generations has never been so wide, largely due to the enormous access to information young people have compared to their parents and grandparents. Managing these differences and ensuring participation of all age-groups in transition processes is a core focus of TIs work.

TI sees children and youth as "today's partners" and "tomorrow's leaders". Our experts provide services in the following core areas:


  • Training on youth empowerment programming
  • Facilitation of inter-generational workshops at community level
  • Training on reintegration of Children Associated with Armed Forces and Groups (CAAFG).
  • Training on child Protection in emergencies
  • In-country training on prevention of recruitment and radicalisation of children and youth


Advisory Services 

  • Design of youth-oriented programmes
  • Evaluation of youth and children oriented programmes
  • Design of youth-led conflict transformation programmes
  • Capacity development for youth-led organisations
  • Design and evaluation of child protection programming, especially focusing on the reintegration of conflict-affected children
  • Design child and youth prevention of radicalisation and recruitment strategies


Knowledge Development

  • Tracer studies among conflict-affected youth and children
  • Research on the impact of conflict on youth and on their potential
  • Perception surveys among children, youth and parents.
  • In-depth research in drivers of recruitment into armed groups
  • Mapping of child and/or youth relevant services and systems to inform programming
  • Opportunity mapping for economic strengthening of adolecents and youth


The Child & Youth desk is coordinated by Kim Jial Liah